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EDU.PRO is a result of outstanding work and significant amount of time and efforts spared by HASH TECH team. The team compromise of professionals with domain knowledge, business process expertise, analysts and system designers, and strong qualified technical software engineers. EDU.PRO has 25+ pro modules and 30+ inbuilt modules. This software is designed to cover all different operations in universities, collages, schools and training centers.

EDU.PRO is designed to satisfy most critical operational needs. It’s efficient, secure, user friendly and scalable – making it easy to operate your learning institution and increase efficiency and productivity. EDU.PRO offers competitive benefits to all parties involved in the system: employees, students and management.

EDU.Pro is a real-time, on-line, integrated information management system for universities. It helps improve education excellence, achieve resulting efficiencies and maximize operational performance.

EDU.Pro is modular and flexible. The various modules are fully integrated (but can also standalone) to automate functions ranging from student administration to education process outcome. EDU.Pro provides immediate access to Educational and administrative data.

Starting with the initial module, EDU.Pro can be progressively installed, with the user selecting the combination of modules that meet the information needs.  When used for various aspects of university management, it forms a single robust and integrated environment offering powerful, immediate data access across the database.



This Software provides a solution for different parts of any Educational institute to make sure that your Institute is running smoothly and correctly to accomplish your Goals.

The Education industry the world over faces the challenge of improving the quality and reducing costs. To meet this challenge, solutions providers are employing new technologies, consolidating costly and specialist services, changing institutional structures and improving information systems.

The paradigm of quality is shifted to the Student as the center of the overall process and to support systems that support this quality. The quality of education at any Educational institution depends upon how well educational and administrative functions work together. An Education information system supports the quality of education by providing a fast, accurate and easy way to enter, store, retrieve and analyze data thus freeing the university
staff from many time-consuming tasks.

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