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About Us

About Hash IT Excellence
IT Excellence

Hash Information Technology

HASH INFORMATION TECHNOLGY was established in 2015 to provide specialized standards based, state-of-the-art IT solutions for educational, healthcare and commercial sectors to enhance business prospective, Increase business performance and help employees, partners and customers work together effectively.
HASH INFORMATION TECHNOLGY team is experienced IT experts who are constantly trying to find new approaches to provide a better service for our clients


This part focuses on advising organizations to help them achieve their objectives and goals.


As an IT business we offer a wide range of complete technology solutions including hardware products, Software and IT services


We are ready to offer educational services in subjects as IT and related subjects. As well as we guarantee a world class training system led by experienced IT professionals

Our Vision

HASH TECH vision is to position itself as a leading IT solutions provider for governmental institutions and leading private organizations in its area of specialization, focusing on their needs, and to become the preferred vendor and the choice for these establishments.

Our Mission

We as an organization are dedicated to provide our clients and partners from different sectors with high quality and customized information technology solutions and services that are fast , reliable and cost effective , to increase the efficiency of different functions in their enterprise systems and to offer them with all the required support as to create long term mutual benefit relationship .

Our Goals

Our goal is to deliver advanced capabilities to foster knowledge management and analytics. As well as we support other businesses with decision making, enhancing their business process through using IT solutions


Satisfaction, Skills, Integrity, Quality, and Responsibility”
HASH TECH is dedicated to maintain the highest level of Skill, Integrity, Quality, and Responsibility in providing professional services to its customers. Reliability and trust ability.

How we reach great results

We believe “Great software starts with great people.” Our people are the most critical component in HASH TECH delivery capability. By creating a cooperative and inspirational working culture, we motivate our team not only to write code and implement software, but also to find solutions to clients’ business problems.

Friendly UI/UX

  • Responsive Design
  • Helping Guidelines
  • Easy Steps
  • Never Miss use

Latest Technologies

  • Great Performance
  • Reliable Reports
  • Security Tested
  • Ultimate Solution

Fully Customized

  • Unique Design
  • Brand Compatibility
  • Data Handling
  • Reliable Functionality

100% Support

  • Testing Period
  • Training Sessions
  • 1 Year Support
  • Great Flexibility

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